Keeping Excited About Your Business

Are you still excited about your business?  If the answer is an unreserved ‘YES’  then that is wonderful. If your attitude is,  well maybe, sometimes, not any more, or something similar then that would not be unusual, and depending on the  stage that your business is going through there may be an explanation to shed some light on matters.

In the early stages of planning and starting a business it is all about excitement. The excitement of a new venture, the excitement of new possibilities and the excitement of a future that, whilst uncertain, will be different from the experiences you had before you decided to start your venture. Of all the elements of a successful business plan the most important ingredient for a new start business  (in our experience) is belief in what you are about to do and also enthusiasm. When belief and enthusiasm come together we have excitement.

Can you recall that feeling that you had when you took your first order? Can you recall the feeling you had when you received payment for your first piece of work? Can you recall the feeling you had when one of your customers called you and asked for some more of your products, services, and ideas. Do you remember the excitement of putting together a proposal (even though it took all night)? And do you remember the first time that a customer said ‘Thank you’?  Alas these feelings can pass as the business becomes established and you move from the role of entrepreneur to the role of bureaucrat and administrator. Bureaucracy and administration are not the words we would use to conjure up visions of excitement and pleasure. How then  can you return to the excitement of those early days when you are faced with the challenge of managing a business?

At Wentworth Jones we have found that there can be a number of strategies to help you re create the excitement of those early days and here are just three of our ideas.

  • Take some time away from the day to day and remember the achievements that you have accomplished so far. What kind of things made you happy?
  • Give yourself permission to imagine and dream for a while. Imagine a perfect outcome for your company. What would it look like, who would be working with you, who would be your customers and what would they say about you and your business, where would you be based?
  • Invest some time in describing what you are really good at and what you really enjoy doing. Compare this with the job you actually do each day. Are you doing stuff that other members of your team would be more suited at doing?

Let us know how you get on – we would like to hear from you.

At Wentworth Jones we work with our clients so that they can be more successful in both their business and their private lives. If the excitement has faded from your business and you would like to explore some ideas about how it can be recaptured then please contact us at

These two short video clips are of delegates who attended a Wentworth Jones led workshop recently. They seem excited about their businesses.

Excited about business after a Wentworth Jones lead workshop

Recapture the feeling about being inspired to start a business

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