Learning Genius

Starring Performance is a unique approach to enabling your employees to be the very best that they can be, and to perform to their full potential. Working  with Ant Shearn, the founder of Learningenius and the creator of starring performance, we supported the development of this unique business resource.

Ant says…

“Virtually everyone in our businesses is capable of outstanding performance at work – from time to time. Just imagine how things would be going if everyone was performing at their absolute best every day.

 The challenge is that this doesn’t happen more often. Research suggests that at least 80% of people only rarely if ever deliver their absolute best at work. Not only does this cost in lost effectiveness and lost opportunity, it also gets people down. The good news is that there’s something new that can help, and help a lot.

 “Starring Performance” is a new approach to improving performance and increasing employee satisfaction at work. We’ve called it “Starring Performance” because it’s concerned with taking everyone’s starring performances and turning them into everyday business as usual.

 It does this in a way that makes it fun to do – so people are willing and able to sustain levels of performance that were previously beyond them.  And it does it by providing everyone with the tools to do much of it for themselves. So success depends more on harnessing and directing the results, than on finding ways to drive improved performance”.


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